Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Purple Tribute With A Far Away Friend

Yes... this is purple... the only black on this photo is the card base... however, I could not get my picture to be true to the color and my Photoshop has decided to blow up on me so I couldn't correct it.  50 Photos later.... we're back to a royal blue at best.  Well... at least it's Royal....   I'm linking up to the Stamplorations Mixed Media Challenge as well as the Monthly Challenge Theme Anything Goes and the Never Ending Anything Goes Challenge.
When Prince passed away a little over a month ago, my friend Mitra, who actually lives back in New York not too far from where I used to live, and who I didn't "meet" until this last year when I ventured to ask her how she had made something and she so wonderfully (and as I found out not at all out of character) made up a little tutorial for me AND mailed me her little "sample" along with some other goodies... where was I?  Oh yeah... so we talked about both creating something purple in tribute to him.  When Purple Rain came out, I was a teenager and I saw it in the theaters 5 times.  I LOVED Prince ... he was all over the walls of my bedroom... he was a beautiful man inside and out... and the news of his death made me sad.  These days I only listen to his music now and again when I come across it on the radio, but when that happens I turn it up really loud and sing along (as long as no one else is around) and just enjoy.
Sigh... that flower is purple and the feathers are gold and purple... not black.. I'm going to try to get some new pics in the daylight in the morning to see if they come true.  Love these feathers from Stamplorations.. they are from the Trendy Feathers 2 set!  They were perfect because the one has some music notes on it and the other is kind of floral and reminds me of something Prince might wear... memories of a brocade jacket or pants (or both).  So happy I decided on these feathers... I think I'll be using them a lot.

And here's another awesome stamp set I got over at Stamplorations... it's another Becca Cruger creation called Strong Women and it's full of awesomely inspiring sentiments and I thought this one was appropriate... I didn't want it to be a sad piece.. he was a good man who passed in a sad way, but he filled the world with so much beauty and happiness while he was here... that's the feeling I wanted.
So I haven't even talked about the Ken Oliver Colorburst Powders, Liquid Metals, Gold Texture Paste....lol... I guess that's not what this is about, but maybe if I can get some better pics I'll come back around to this at a later date.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed my tribute and please do check out Mitra's Rock Star Creation.  I've seen it and IT IS wonderful as all of her makes are....


  1. Wait ... you also lived in upstate NY??? Me too!!! LOL!! I am from Rochester!! How funny -- and now we both live in AZ!!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors (looks purple to me! lol!) and loving that heart!!!!!!! This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. New York State - Hip, hop, hooray! I'm from the Finger Lakes Region, between Rochester and Syracuse, born in Auburn, NY, now living in AZ, too.

  2. The card is reading purple to me and it's so pretty! Love all the gold embossing. Great tribute to Prince - I always turn him up and sing along too!

  3. I like purple a lot - orchid, lavender, grape, periwinkle, you name it, I like it. Although I want to iron that bow, your card is a great tribute. (I grew up way before Prince was on the scene but I think he was an amazing musician.)

  4. oh goodness, your card blew me away....I'm speechless over here! it's very purple to me...and it's like a NY reunion...And I personally would like to GO to AZ....I'll be back to say more about your card...it touched my heart! ;-)

  5. Wow, this card is so amazing. Love those wonderful details. Thanks for sharing at STAMPlorations.

  6. Purple or blue.... It still looks fabulous! It's so frustrating when stuff does not photograph true to colour😁I take a few or more photos too! Great creating Lisa!

  7. What a great tribute card! Purple and fabulous - just like Prince. You've taken all these different elements and stuck them all together in a way that is so beautiful and unique. Thanks for playing along at STAMPlorations, too!

  8. Fabulous tribute card. Thanks for joining us at the Stencil Sunday Mixed Media challenge in May. Carol DT x


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