Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home At Last

Just got back from visiting my family in Arizona. It is beautiful out there. And soooo warm... and I got in my car yesterday morning and was listening to the radio and thinking (as I looked at the dark clouds) if I was in Arizona, the sun would be out ... all of a sudden on the radio they said, "Are you moving to Phoenix?" all I could think was... I don't know... am I?

We surprised my parents for their 40th anniversary... got 'em good! Surprised them time and again as we all were revealed to them over a period of a couple days.

Ryan loved his birthday card as much as a 15 year old boy can.

Have to get back into the groove of balancing work, baseball, and my business along with all the other stuff... no problem... it's starting to come back to me :).


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