Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's All In The Numbers

I'm a week behind for the Heart2Heart Challenge, but I finished it.. kind! Last week's challenge was to create something with a number in the design. I remembered this old saying we used to write when I was in high school and my first thought was to incorporate it into an "I Miss You" card, but then I remembered my "Book About Me" and I had all these old school photos of friends I had when I was younger. As you can see there are some areas waiting for pictures. I know I have these pictures, but I'll be darned if I can find them right now. When I do, they have a home. Each photo has a pocket behind it and I have a tag in there with journalling about each person and some memories about them. If I had (or find) extra school pics of these girls they also have a home in the pocket. While I was looking for the pictures I came across my Senior yearbook and after reading through it decided how I would "embellish" the page... with other phrases I found in there to give it a yearbook kind of feel. Not sure if it came across, but I am happy. It's another piece of me for my book, and all these random photos have a home now. Have you started your book about you yet?


Haley D. said...

So creative! I love the yearbook background and how you made pockets with tags for journaling. Thanks for playing by the numbers @ H2H!

Pamela OConnor said...

Love this layout...especially your title! Thanks for playing with us at H2H!