Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November Christmas Card Workshop Cards 5&6

So I know I keep promising about more info for the November Christmas Card workshop and it is coming soon!  In the meantime, here are two more cards we'll make from the White Pines paper pack and PML cards.  The cards are really 5 designs, however the cards will all be different because they use different PML cards.
I had a lot of fun using these PML cards to make Christmas cards over the weekend.  They are such a great addition to the paper pack and really allow you to make a whole bunch of unique cards quickly.  For this one the packages were on a 4x6 PML card (I did add a stamped one on the top) and then I used a strip I had leftover from another card to cover a date that I didn't want on there and used one of the great new Christmas stamp sets, Miracle of Christmas, for the sentiment. 
Used the same seniment stamp for this one and the zip strip from the paper pack to embellish this one along with one of the Art Philosophy poinsettias I love so much.
Thanks for stopping and come back again all week... there is lots to see here!


  1. I have no idea what a "pml" card is but your cards are so sweet!!!! Love them!

  2. Looks like the same cards I made, and proud of it.

  3. Let me know please, when you have the class planned!

  4. Let me know please, when you have the class planned!


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