Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lessology Challenge #60-Mug Shot

So this month's challenge over at Lessology is Mug Shot... decorate a mug or a cup.  When I was away at an event this Spring, we had these cute little plastic "throwaway" cups on our table and I couldn't bear to toss mine so I brought it home with me figuring I'd use it on my workspace to throw all of those extra little things... sequins I find after I've put that particular baggy away or that managed to escape and dive off the table and my toe finds it a little later; extra cuts from glittery paper that I'm sure I'll use on a future project but I'm not sure quite what to do with them; gems that fall off of my creations on that off day I didn't liquid glass every single thing I added to the card and I find them on the floor not sure what they went with.. but I may find where it's missing from or I could still use it... too lazy to put it away and certainly can't throw it out.  At the time, the place for all of that stuff was in the lid of my stamp cleaner and I figured it was time to be able to use that again.

When this challenge came up I looked at it and thought... well.. a container for such pretty and valuable items such as these should be ... well.. pretty!  And I really have always wanted a bejeweled goblet.  AND I did have all of these gems that I got very inexpensively somewhere yet have been sitting in my gem drawer unused for at least three years now... if not longer.. why.. never the right size or color for a project I'm working on... always something better... and plus... once I use them they are gone...so... 

I also added a glass heart or two that are clear ... the one above looks pink-ish but that's because I've already filled the cup up with pretty items and the color is showing through.. kinda cool.  I used some black shimmer trim around the top... just 'cause.. I mean... I definitely have enough jewels left over to finish it off, but I thought that glittery trim might finish off the top nicely.

I also found a couple of these pretty colored acrylic butterflies in my stash of old jewelry baubles and they made the perfect addition.   I believe I bought the earrings that these hung from back in my Prince/Purple Rain/Hair Band/Perm/Zebra pants days.

Let me say... I am definitely not the one to call on if you want a mosaic done..lol!  But for what it is and if you don't look too close.. I think it turned out pretty.  A couple times today I caught myself stopping my work just to look at it sparkle and daydream a bit.

And see.. it's only half full!  It's like a little cup of treasures that I'll dig through here and there when I'm trying to decide what little nugget I need to finish off a project.

So... your turn.. and I cannot wait to see what you create!

Oh!  I almost forgot the before pic!


  1. I think this is super duper delish and such a REALLY NEAT idea, to boot! Now all I have to do is to go to a day out where they have these so I can take one home to create with!!!! LOL....love it!!

  2. Oh my, love how you've transformed this...

  3. Love love love love this! LOVING all the bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, it's gorgeous, Lisa! Stunning transformation! And it's functional too - love that!

  5. This is just too much fuN! I LOVE bling, so the more the better! Way to rock this!

  6. oh it's delish! Kinda want a crown made just like it!

  7. LOVE your bejeweled goblet! Looks really pretty!

  8. Can I just say... WOW!!! You turned a simply plastic glass into that! BEAUTIFUL!



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