Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Owlways & Forever Version 2!

I think I have a problem.... here is the wedding card with some different colors.  These rhinestone flowers are leftovers from the old connections club rewards and now they are finally not in my drawer!  Once I got this together though I was wishing the rhinestones were more colorful... took out my new Shin Han markers that I got from CTMH and used them to color the rhinestones a bit brighter color.  I used Cherry Pink and Sap Green and it was just what the doctor ordered!  I added a bowtie to the groom at the suggestion of Donna Davis and love how it completes the groom.  Don't worry... August is OWLmost over....lolololololol!  I'm sooooo PUNNY!  Yes... I have a problem.

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