Thursday, September 1, 2016

Spraypainting on Vacation?! Highly Suggested!

So you may or may not know that I was on vacation.  It was a little over a week, but it felt like I was gone forever and although I missed my craft room, I did manage to squeeze a little bit in while away so that helped tremendously (more on this in a bit).  These are the faces that I've been wanting to see for so long!  I don't miss the Buffalo area really... but I do miss these faces terribly!  This night I got to go with my favorite faces out to Food Truck Tuesday downtown and normally one of my least favorite things to do is stand in line for food... but this was fun... great food, great music and perfect company!  Best part is... I got to see both Corey and Ryan because Ryan drove up from Maryland for a couple days... thank you Ryan's boss for making that happen!

The initial reason for the trip to Buffalo was for Patti's son's wedding.  These two are my co-besties.  I'm way too much for one to handle .. lol.. this was a beautiful wedding at the Hayloft In The Grove in East Aurora... gorgeous gorgeous venue... a little melty on this hot day as there was no air conditioning, but there were lots of fans... so many in fact that I had a hard time walking around without sporting a Marilyn Monroe Over The Sidewalk Grate kind of pose.  It was a fun day and night!

So another awesome part of my vacation was getting to meet one of my artistic mentors and bloggy friends, Mitra Pratt and you can check out her blog here!  What an awesome time I had visiting her and her family out at the KOA Campground in Grand Island!  If you don't know.. she's a wiz with the spraypaint can and she prepared a project so she could help me get over my fear... and she did.. and you will be sorry!

These awesome pics were taken by Mitra with a phone... love Mitra's pics!! So first we added some embossed metal tape to a plain old tin can that Mitra procured at the Restore in her town.. and then we went to town spraypainting said tin.  She brought the beautiful aqua paint because she remembered that I LOVE that color and I have a project coming sometime in the near future (now that I know how to wield a Paint Can O' The Spray).  When I asked her about her mirror paint technique, we hopped in the car and headed to Hobby Lobby and got some... along with that pretty metal flower and knob and maybe just a couple other items.  I wish Mitra lived close to me so we could hop in the car and go to Hobby Lobby more often... although I think we might be bad influences on each other.  And then Mitra who doesn't seem to be afraid of too much, wrangled a more than happy to help official Camp Driver Around in a Golf Cart Fixing Things Guy to bring over a drill to help us install said flower and knob to the lid of my awesome can.  You'll be seeing these projects again with maybe a few more flowers .. or some bling or ribbon or both.. so happy they made the trip home in good shape!  And thank you so much Mitra and family for making me feel so comfortable!!  I felt like I'd known them forever and can't wait 'til our next chance to visit!  (I can't believe I didn't get a pic of my new friend Duncan as well... and if you want to know who that is you're just gonna have to visit Mitra on her blog... it will be worth it!)  And her post about our fun together is here!

This is my wonderful Aunt Judy (Uncle Lynn preferred to not be in the We-fie... Wee-fie?.. feel free to use this term-my son thinks it won't catch on, but I feel like it's got some legs).  This is Judy helping me to figure out my new We-fie stick (I don't take Selfies... so it's a We-fie stick)... 

So... saw the giant rubber duck downtown with Corey, got to see his band, Dreambeaches, play and although Corey was less than happy with the performance it was awesome to me-you can hear them on Spotify and Bandcamp.  Such an awesome night because I also got to spend some time with some wonderful friends that came out to support him and spend a little time with me.. Renee and Tony, Arleen and Dave, Julie and Chris.... Love them all!; managed to be a bad influence on Kathy and made her get her tattoo from Mike at Designer Pain while I was there and there's Ryan and Aunt Judy while we waited to surprise Ryan's friend Andy with his visit.  I also got to go to the stamp show with some more of my favorite people, but alas I cannot find those pics!!  But that's ok... I'll need a whole 'nother post for that one.. wait 'til you see what I got!! Hey Betsy!  If you are reading this, can you forward me all of the pics from the stamp show?  (This is my secret way to find out if Betsy is reading my blog... tee hee... sneaky)

Just a few highlights... so much more and hopefully you'll be seeing some of it soon on some scrapbook pages... these are some of my favorite people and I had a fantastic time and came home to some very happy mail... I'll be posting about that one soon...

Thanks for stopping and come back tomorrow for Three Amigos!


  1. Looks like an awesome vacay! LOVING all the photos! And so cool you got to meet Mitra!!!!!!!!

  2. Don't think you had time to miss us looks like a Perfect vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, Lisa, looks like you had a fabulous time! Fun pics! Thanks for sharing these - I enjoyed looking at them and reading all about your fun times!

  4. Sounds like you had a FUN Filled Vacation! You shouldn't have missed crafting at all by the looks of all that fun you had! I know I probably wouldn't have! LOL I am glad that your back and ready to share your projects again... :) Have a wonderful weekend Lisa! :)
    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  5. Sounds like you had the BESTEST time for holiday sure packed a LOT in & saw heaps of peeps. You are sooo lucky to have met Mitra! It's on my bucket list. I'm just a tad further away to make the trip, heehee!! And a Wee fie stick. Sounds about right to me;)!!!

  6. Wow looks and sounds like you had an amazing vacation...lucky girl got to see mitra mites in the flesh....hahaha...hugs

  7. I'd say that you had a fabulous time on your vacation! Super photos. Are you going to be teaching any classes on this Paint Can o' the Spray?


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