Monday, February 20, 2017

JessicaLynnOriginal It's All About The Pug Friend

I'm back with more from the new Corgi 2017 set by JessicaLynnOriginal... so I have this friend:

I love that the Corgi from this set has a little pug friend... because I have a friend whose birthday is coming up and she has a Pug named Rosey... so I decided to make her birthday present and this time around it's all about the Pug.

I used a lot of my favorite mixed media products on this one and please do ask if you have a question but here's my tip for today... if you're like me you have a whole mess of chipboard shapes that you haven't used... they are awesome for a canvas where you want to add some dimension to the base... I have a ton of hearts so I glued them on to my plain canvas and then covered over everything with Gesso.  Once that was dry I painted over the whole thing with my seaglass paint and it was like they were a part of it.  From there, I smudged on distress inks, some Inka Gold, sprayed some more gold all over... paint... embossing paste... you name it!  I just kept going 'til I was happy.  Play around... it's all very forgiving!

I know... some of you think Pugs are ugly.. but I assure you they are not!  Especially Rosey... she is a beautiful princess (enter her crown)!  This picture captures the essence of the pug perfectly... I can see Rosey now sitting on her hind end just like that... almost like a person... and this cute playful scene reminds me of the time she came over for a playdate with my 90 pound Golden, Jack.. and they played while we sat on the deck and talked and we all look over and there they are... on the grass.. Rosey sitting just about like this... and Jack ... with her teeny tiny foot in his gigantic mouth... and we yell... Noooooo!... and they both just look over like... What?  Well, we broke that up before something accidental happened, but it was quite the scene.

Befitting of a princess, lots of gold and sparkle must be used in a creation like this...

And of course... Love ... Rosey is a part of the family... theirs and ours...

Hope you enjoyed today's project... I know I enjoyed making it.. aside from the occasional panic when I messed something up... but the beauty of a project like this is there is always a way to fix, cover, embellish a mistake away.

Be sure to check out all of my Design Teams blogs over the coming week and don't forget you can pre-order this set until the 25th and get free shipping!  Just click on over to the JLO website here!

Lisa Bzibziak (You are here!)


  1. Gorgeous. Your friend will love it!

  2. Just love this and that crown is a hoot!

  3. I especially love the colors, Lisa, but crowning the pug is the best. Great project!

  4. It's truly amazing, Lisa! I love all the details you put with it!

  5. Loveeeeeeeee this! LOVING those pups and the flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh I love this! I imagine she will too! HUGS!

  7. Hello, Lisa! This is soooooo cute! I love all the texture! Thanks for the tip about the chipboard shapes! They look amazing!


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