Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Sweet Valentine (or Two)

I got my Doodlebug Cream & Sugar paper pad and matching Odds & Ends over at the Cutting Cafe Shop and thought maybe I should start using it instead of hoarding it in my usual fashion and I had a leftover Sweet Word Window from our Cutting Cafe Inspiration project the other day and I felt they'd be perfect together!  And they were!  I love to use up leftover stuff!  I had cut it in black first and then decided I wanted it to be another color so I left this one for later.  All I had to do was open up the file I'd saved in my Cricut Design Space and cut out the word "Sweet" in whatever paper I wanted to use... easy!

Aren't these two adorable!  The coffee cup, donut and heart were from the Odds & Ends pack and the sentiment is from the paper pad.

So what was super fun and weird was I had bought these inexpensive sequins long ago and they came in a little acrylic package with little indents for each color... you know... the kind that when you open it they're hard to store but of course I didn't really have anything at the time so I'd opened it and at some point they all spilled out and mixed up in the container I had them in... so when I finally did organize my sequins rather than separating them I really mixed them all up and thought... it's a pretty mix... I'll use it for something... and here they are... the perfect colors for that donut paper... awesome!

And I used my new Conversation Heart Stamp Set by Thia Gielow from The Cutting Cafe Shop as well for the Friend word which I embossed in black on the Clear Cardstock before I added it to my shaker.

Oh... and then Slim thought he could help show off this Sweet card... and since he's one of my Valentines for sure I figured I'd let him... 

Yeah... at this point the card really doesn't matter... and speaking of Slim... he's waiting for his treat before i go get ready for work so thanks for stopping by again!  Hoping to make a few more Valentines before the big day so come back soon!


  1. Haha, Slim wants that treat! What a cute valentine he is! Your coffee Valentine is gorgeous! I didn't order any of that collection because I would hoard it for sure - the cuteness, the cuteness!

  2. Slim!
    Awesome card...I adore that collection!

  3. Soooo CUTE! LOVE that Latte! And slim is looking good with his valentine card! LOL


  4. Slim is ADORABLE!!! And I loveeeeeeeee your card! LOVING the coffee and the donut!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a cutie! Slim is very photogenic and has distracted me from appreciating your creativity. (Your card is great, Lisa!)


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