Friday, September 15, 2017

Paper Sweeties September 2017 New Release Rewind!

So happy you're back again today!  Today is Release Rewind... everything's been available in the shop since yesterday and today we're featuring the new sets with some old sets... I have something fun for you today!

When I saw this pup it reminded me of mine... and how he's always trying to jump up and say hello and I had this idea... so I was about to use the scallop die from the Sweet Borders set when I came across the Mason Jar stamp and thought that ruffle on the jar lid would make really cute ruffles on a skirt!  So I colored and cut out a few.  I attached them to the page and drew my lines for legs and a waste... I didn't attach the skirt permanently 'til I was done which was a good thing because it took me a try or two to get legs that looked like legs.. and once I had what I wanted, I made her shirt stripey and her leggings polka dotty and colored them in.  THEN I attached the ruffles permanently.

This time I made my little guy a bit spotty.  I'm just having so much fun with my watercolor pencils!

So... full disclosure... I had this card all done and photographed with the three pink ruffles... and as I was looking at it later her skirt just seemed too and I thought... I wouldn't let my daughter go out with a skirt that short (if I had a daughter)... but I added a fourth ruffle and it was just too bulky looking... then there was that little piece of lacy ribbon sitting in my workspace and I slid it in underneath and it was exactly what the doctor ordered... I curved the end in a bit to it would look like it went around her and I just felt much better about her pretty skirt!

Hope you enjoyed stopping today!  Be sure to check out what everyone else has made for you!

Michele Henderson
Michelle Bala
Nancy Salkeld

And play with us!  Nothing to lose... $25 in Paper Sweeties goodness to gain!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

HOW CLEVER! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING how you took the top of the jar and made it a skirt! PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

Very creative with the skirt and leggings!! Love the spotted darling dog, too!!

Jill Norwood said...

Such a clever skirt and leggings! Adorable card my dear!

Scrapper69 said...

I LOVE this card! The 80's were my FAVORITE!!! And that skirt is TOTALLY with the times! so fun!

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