Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I've Goat You Dazzled Babe - Miss Ink Stamps

Woo hoo!  There's a new glitter in town!  If you like glitter you are gonna love the new Dazzle Dust available over at Miss Ink Stamps... it's a color shifting glitter and you can get it in 10 different color combos over in the shop right now!  Buy all 10 and get them discounted!  You can check them all out here!  Today I used the Fairy Dust and here's how I was inspired:

As you move the card (or as you move around the card) the colors seem to shift... this one goes from a beautiful greenish opalescent to a bold purple!  I used some bookbinding tape and placed it across my paper at intervals and then burnished the glitter 'til it was smooth and shiny... almost foil-ish to create the background.   It made the perfect backdrop for my cute little Valentines, using the Have Heart stamp set and those cutie pies from Punny Farm Goats!

  The next picture shows how these colors change from another angle....

I love how this one changes from the Opal color to a pink-ish purple to a deep rich purple!  Check out those hearts!  I painted some little wooden hearts black and then added glossy accents to the top and dipped them into the glitter.. that dark purple is the darkest color shift in this beautiful Fairy dust mix:

If you're afraid of glitter, stay tuned!  You'll be getting lots of not so scary ideas for using it from the designers at Miss Ink..like making a glitter paste!  

Thanks for stopping and be sure to come back soon!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So gorgeous! LOVING the little goats and the shimmer!

Lagene said...

Love that this glitter changes color! Cute card, cute goat stamps!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Wonderful card with those cute goats. And the dazzle dust looks fantastic. The changes in color amaze me.