Friday, May 7, 2021

Miss Ink Stamps - Happily Ever After

Welcome back!  I'm playing with the new Climbing Roses stamp set along with one of the fabulous frame stencils, Ins & Outs: Quaterfoil today and I've created this card for a wedding this month!

The Ins & Outs group of stencils in the shop are fabulous for creating a beautiful masked ink blended spotlight for any of your stamp sets!  Bunches of shapes and two piece sets that make it so easy to make a different colored frame and/or add some glitter paste like I did without seeping into your center piece.

Cool thing is there are lines on the stencil to help you center your stencil directly over an A2 card (if that's where you want it!).  And those roses???  I used some unexpected colors today.  It was meant to be a little more rainbowy, but my pink is maybe a little too purple to make it so, but I love these colors anyway, and they are perfect for the bride and groom that I'll be sending this one too!

I'll be sharing another one of these Ins & Outs stencils on the blog next week so hopefully you can see how easy they are to use.

And for those who want it:

My colors!

Thanks so much for stopping!  I hope you'll come again soon!


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Verna Angerhofer said...

So very beautiful and well designed with great colors.