Friday, May 21, 2021

Miss Ink Stamps - You Blow Me Away!

Welcome back!  Today I have a fun one using the Miss Ink Stamps Bubbles stamp set along with the Ins & Outs: Victorian and Random Dots stencils!

I stenciled the dots only within the Ins & Outs: Victorian stencil window similar to the card I shared last week up on the Miss Ink Blog and you can check that out here for details on how I did that.

For this one, after I blended the bubbles in blue, I added some Brutus Monroe Glitter Glaze.  When I was blending the ink through the dots stencil, I blended in a circle motion around the edges of the dots instead of trying to get a full blend to add some dimension to my dots (bubbles).  I love how it came out!

I'm having so much fun with these Ins & Outs stencils!  You know how I love frames, but these help me keep my cards a bit less bumpy... but don't worry... I'm still using plenty of foam!

And here are the colors I used!

E's were used for the Hedgehog, larger mouse and Snail.
W's were used for the Raccoon.
YRs were for the Fox.
C's were for the smallest mouse.
BG was used on the bubbles.
Y13 and R81 was for the bubble bottles.
R02 I normally use for inside ears, paw pads, and other highlights.

That's me for today!  Hope you enjoyed it and you come back real soon!  Thanks for stopping!.


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Verna Angerhofer said...

A fun card showing the enjoyment of blowing bubbles. As a kid I was always happy to make them and it is a thing kids these days still like too!