Friday, March 23, 2018

Weirdos Are My People!

You may or may not have guessed this about me... but I can tend to be a bit of Weirdo... and yes.. I capitalized it because I love the word and I love the people who claim it... or even those who don't even realize they are included in the above category.  To some extent I think we're all Weirdos... some of us just don't know it.

So, if you are a self proclaimed Weirdo stand tall!   If you think you might be, but you're not sure.. you probably are.  And if you think you're definitely not... hopefully someday the lightbulb will turn on and you'll be ok with it.  Why don't you start with "Unique" and see how that feels.

  Weirdos are my people.  Normal is Boring!  (I don't even know what normal is any more).

Which leads me to one of my all time favorite stamp sets that I hadn't inked up until now.  It's from Brutus Monroe and it's called Be Unique.  I just love the adorable unique critters in their hipster doofus outfits.. easy and fun to color up!

The papers are from CTMH and the polaroid die is from A Jillian Vance Design.

And that sentiment!  It paired wonderfully with the Hey die from L'il Inker Designs Hey Foxy Die set.

This one was fun!  Loved using all the bright colors and fun patterns along with the black... makes my Unique heart happy!

Thanks for stopping!  Lots going on here lately so come back soon!


Scrapper69 said...

LOL!!! To cute and fun!! The sentiment is perfect for all the weirdos of the world!!! LOL LOVE it Lisa!!!


KT Fit Kitty said...

This is so cute and fun, Lisa! Love the cool kitty, just doing her own thing! And I agree, normal is boring!