Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dreamcatcher Ornament

This is something I've been thinking about for a long time.  I love dreamcatchers.  I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to them because there are so many beautiful variations.  All different shapes and materials and colors.  For my center I used a doily made by a friend of a friend who was nice enough to share with me.  The flower on top by the bow is a combo of one I crocheted (behind) and another one made by the other, much more talented  Mine is behind because... well.. it's not nearly as pretty.. lol...but it had some gold thread in it and I wanted to include one of mine in this as it is a gift.

I started with another frame ornament from Hobby Lobby.  It was not my intention when I took the frame apart to paint it with some gesso to give it a base.  I planned on making another shaker ornament.  And as I looked at it hanging there drying with the frame all by itself it struck me that I could make a dreamcatcher with it... and then I thought of the doilies and as luck would have it there was just one in there the perfect size and shape.  So... I knew I wanted to use gold and since the doily was cream that was my color scheme.  I used some gold embossing paste and a lace stencil and added the lacey texture to the frame.  When that dried, I added a couple layers of gold metallic acrylic paint.  Then I took the doily and some gold double layered metallic thread I had and attached it to the frame also weaving some of the gold thread through the doily along the way.  I glued the crocheted and paper flowers, gems and feathers on.

For the hanging parts, I cut some feathers from the Cricut cartridges Artiste and Southwest out of white glitter paper and glossy gold paper.  I chose some lacey ribbons in white shades and tied them all on.  Then I thought the rusty bells from Paper Sweeties would be a nice addition.
My final addition was the little cherub piece that I found in a box of old jewelry parts that I had taken apart and kept for just such occasions instead of selling them in a garage sale for a quarter or taking them to Goodwill.  I thought they would make meaningful additions to something else I'd make.  This one was on an earring that a friend of mine gave me when we were teenagers... she picked it out because I loved Van Halen and it resembled one of their album covers.  I think it's perfect for this ornament.
This one will be hard to let go of, but I did make it as a gift so it will be off in the mail this week (hopefully... ).  But not to fear, I will make another for myself eventually.
Thanks for stopping and don't forget to come back tomorrow for Atlantic Hearts!


Tracey said...

Oh my, it looks awesome Lisa!! So creative, you have done a great job.Love the combination of feathers, and lace. turn, I want to make one too! Have a great week

Donna Davis said...

WOW! This is Beautiful! I don't know how you come up with these ideas!

Lisa Minckler said...

Pardon the thud, that was my jaw breaking! This is GORGEOUS!! My daughter LOVES dream catchers and this HAS to be the most beautiful and personalized one ever. What a fantastic creation, Lisa!
the other one :)