Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking!?

Ok... I've done it... I've used it. I wanted to get familiar with our new Studio J digital product so I could answer questions about it. It's great! Don't get me will not replace traditional scrapbooking for me. I love the process of cutting, pasting, remembering... the feel of the paper.. and visiting with friends while we create. But! What a great, fast alternative! I decided for my last couple trips, and maybe all of them, my formula for each "chapter" will be: One Title Page done digitally, 1-3 pages scrapped by hand, and the rest in photo pocket pages. I take A LOT of pictures and this way I don't have to feel overwhelmed to scrap all of them; all my pics are in one place; and i still get to be really creative with a few pages and let the artwork flow. Here are pics of a few of my title pages I've done for last Spring's trip to Arizona.