Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Color Dare and Less is More?

Normally I try to mash up my Color My Heart Color Dare and my Atlantic Hearts, but it just didn't work out that way.  I made those pretty flowers with the Ken Oliver powders over the weekend and right away I knew the tag element on this week's AHSC would work perfectly ... plus... I had other ideas for the color challenge.  I've been kind of preplanning for a week when my colors were a color challenge for me really is the most difficult but I love the challenge to push myself... or in this case hold myself back as it were.  That being said...I'd really appreciate a little gold thrown in some week, Marie Flayer :)!!  I'm also playing along with Aud Sentiments who is having a birthday celebration!  Happy Birthday Aud Sentiments!  Make a Wish!
It always surprises me when I have someone make a comment that is more of a criticism on one of my cards.  Not because I think everyone is going to like it... I just assume they'll pass on by if they don't.  But fairly recently I had a hopefully well meaning person tell me that I should Keep It Simple and Less is More.  Well, that's like telling the sun not to shine here in Arizona.  I mean.. I do try... I really do... but when I am in the middle of a make and I see a blank space my head says.. Oh!  That would look perfect there!  And I pause for a second, probably more like a, and then I go to town.  I love stuff.. Sparkly Stuff, Shiny Stuff, Pretty Stuff, Grungy Stuff... all kinds of stuff really... Upcycled Stuff! (Speaking of which, you can check out my project for this month's Lessology here which is both grungy and pretty and upcycley.. if you'd like... unless you don't like stuff ... then I suggest you don't go there)

So anyway, I'm not saying this so you'll say.. oh no... don't worry about those people... don't listen... because really... I don't care... I mean, my response to this person was, "I don't remember asking, but thanks for the bump.".. I feel a little bit of a harrumph and I go about my day.  I make what I love and it's ok if someone else doesn't love it too.  It really is.  I try to live by this motto creatively:
But I think it's important to remember that people are putting themselves out there every day and for some it's a big leap to do that.  So if you like it say so and if you don't.. well.. don't.  Just my two cents worth.
That being said.. I LOVE all kinds of different styles.  I really admire someone who can create a beautiful clean and simple card.  Some day I'll achieve it.. maybe... or maybe I should leave it to the professionals.  Hmmm... maybe that should be a personal challenge to myself...we'll see.
So basically on this card I used a lot of cuts from CTMH cartridges.. Artbooking for the lattice and the vines with the leaves with the cute little heart cutouts.  I think the fern like leaves are from Artistry... not sure because I have a file in my Design Space with a bunch so I can cut them quickly...but I know Artistry has this type of leaf.  The glittery flowers are from Artistry also.  The pretty frames are dies from Craftin Desert Divas and I actually had cut for a different project including the one distressed with green inks.  The little paper flowers were premade from a package and the gems inside the flowers I got at my LSS.  And one of my favorite little dies from Poppy Stamps for the crown (it's a set of two and I always cut both because I know I'll use it on a future project).
Thanks for stopping and come again... if you want... it's not an order.. just a suggestion.. and don't forget to check out all of the other awesome creations on both Color My Heart Color Dare and the Aud Sentiments blogs... really cool stuff!

Happy Birthday Aud Seniments!


Becca Cruger said...

As a fellow lover of all things busy, sparkly, and layered I'm just going to sit here and harumph with you. What a turd.
Like you, I loooooove looking at CAS designs but if I even look sideways at white space on a card, an ink smudge magically appears.
I do what I love and it's very clear to me that you do what you love, too! I happen to adore your designs - as I know I've stated a time or two. Not only that, but I am always impressed by the wit and humor of your writing. It's why I keep coming back again and again!

Dorothy Smith said...

Your card is gorgeous! It's a talent to be able to add so much interest. Everywhere you look you have to look closely because there's so much to look at. It's like Finding Waldo, you just keep looking and looking. How is that not a good thing?! Mother said "if you don't have something nice to say...". ;-) Don't change your style. The thing that's cool about a style is people can look at a Warhol and know how did it before they ever see the signature. Your signature is beautiful!!!

Sue Reynolds said...

Dorothy Smith has said it "The thing that's cool..." and it's so true, I can be going through a selection of card and when I see that card without looking, I know it's your creation. Loved the way you did all white and then added all the greens and foliage in different textures of green, along with a green sentiment frame. I used that flower on one of my previous cards, and it was a winner. Love everything about this card...when am I going to get that knack of creation. Anyway, my favorite daughter, this card is gorgeous/stunning/beautiful and thanks so much for sharing it with ColorMyHeart Color Dare.

Sue Reynolds said...

Lisa, your card is gorgeous, love all the glitter, the flowers, the arrangement and layout of entire card. and your creation of a green and white challenge. Thanks for sharing this at Aud Sentiments.

Regina Easter said...

wow wow wow beautiful

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I think this is just gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen Stumme said...

More is more and I love it! Your layers are absolutely gorgeous. And I can never resist sparkle, so I'm glad to see you used several different varieties. Keep doing what you love and thanks for taking a Color Dare.

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Such a pretty card .Thank you for joining us at Aud Sentiments challenge good luck Ginny ♥
Aud Sentiments
My Blog As I do Rodos

Lisa Minckler said...

OMG..I hate CAS cards! When I was on other DT teams and that was the challenge, I would fetal up on the floor and cry and then throw a fit. I can't do them. I admire those who can but seriously it's so much harder than it seems. It could be a brain malfunction or I just love stuff so much, but I'm all about this card you've made, it's making me smile from ear to ear!!!! :D
Big hugs,
Lisa xx

Melanie said...

I always worry that I have too much on my cards but then I see yours and I wish I knew how to add all that stuff so cleverly. I love cards - whether CAS or lavishly decorated and yours never disappoint! Just because our design aesthetic is different doesn't mean it's wrong... it's art!

NJ Stamping Queen said...

Fabulous card, Lisa! It is just brimming with glittery goodness and appeal. Thanks for taking the Color Dare challenge again. Lisa, there will be gold in an upcoming challenge so worry not.
:) Marie

Catherine Nowak said...

WOW ~ there are some much to look at, I love all those glittery touches! So awesome! Thank you for playing along with us this week at Color My Heart.

Donna said...

What a beautiful card! Love all your layering of the different die-cuts and the bits of glitter here and there is a nice touch. Thank you for inspiring us at Color My Heart Challenge Blog.

Alyson Mayo said...

I LOVE this card! It is so full of details to love and to take in! I wish I was able to create cards like this but when I try this type of creating, it ends up looking like a giant mess.
That being said, I admire this style and artists who can pull it off like you can. CAS is a totally different style and requires a different mindset and approach. To each his own. That's why there is such a variety of cards, supplies and papers on the market today. It's great for everyone. I love seeing what you create - your artwork is beautiful all the time! Keep doing what you do and be proud of it :)