Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Story of Grandpa Witter

This week's Heart2Heart Challenge was to create a scrapbook layout with a story on it. I was very busy this week and wasn't sure I'd be able to do this one. I decided recently I am going to start a scrapbook that is all about me. My first thought was that I'd do a page using a picture from when I was little. Ironically enough, the first page I created for my "All About Me" scrapbook is about my grandfather. I decided that to tell my story I also have to tell the story of my immediate family. I had this picture of him (my favorite) and decided the layout would be about my favorite memories of him and the ways in which we were alike.

The journalling is on the three tags in the pocket. On one of the tags I wrote about how my grandfather was a scrapbooker. Not in the same way as me of course, "I have a scrapbook he made of a road trip they took. It is it man's scrapbook. There are no frills.. no paper flowers, flourishes, or even regular photos; but there is lots of journalling, clippings and postcards." (Never fear... there are lots of pictures; just not in the scrapbook). "The journalling is mostly done by typewriter, but there is some of his familiar handwriting. Looking at it reminds me of the importance of the story".

This page took me a while. I really wasn't sure what direction I was going in with it. But when I was finished I made a vow that this scrapbook would be FULL of journalling and the majority of it would be handwritten by me. I also decided that my mom needs to start a scrapbook about her also, and I will be working on that with her soon.


  1. Wow! This must have taken all weekend! It's Fabulous!

  2. Beautiful details on your layout! Did you use Liquid Glass on some of the letters? It really came out nicely. That's one of my favorite papers!

  3. Great layout!!! I really like that photo and how it doesn't seem posed. Grandpa should simply just be photographed in the moment.

  4. Thanks, girls... you're so nice. Yes, Lubna I did use liquid glass on The Story Of and on Witter. I don't very often make something that doesn't use liquid glass in some form or!

  5. Fantastic layout! There are sooooo many great details on this one page. Congratulations on your Heart-2-Heart Top Ten award!


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