Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Wishes Card Workshop

Had a great time at Marsha and Linda's Byrncliff Resort weekend crop last weekend! I spent all weekend working on two 20-Card workshops. Here are some of the cards from one of the workshops. I used Wonderland Paper and all different stamp sets and Cricut cuts. I started this workshop with my friend Donna a couple weeks ago and finished the cards last weekend. I have all my Christmas cards done for this year! Earliest ever! These workshops really make it fun and easy to do a lot of different cards in a short period of time with detailed (yet very small-think magnifying glass) cutting instructions. They are designed to be decorated a little more simply, but of course I have to make everything a little more The Wishes book is a great tool to use when you are designing cards. With a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of cards it's very versatile... as well as three different card workshops.

Reminder to my customers... you still have time to get your artwork submitted to me for the October Challenge. I know some of you have created artwork using old stuff you purchased quite a while ago and just need to take a pic and send it to me. What are you waiting for?!


  1. The finished products look great! I think I need the Wishes book, but I don't know if I could do the Workshops without you guiding me all the way :-)

  2. Each one is nicer than the last! I think you should quit your job and sell all the fabulous stuff you make and make wedding albums for people. You would make a fortune! :)

  3. lol.. thanks girls! I don't know about a fortune Evelyn, but I think it would make me happy anyway...


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