Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bitter Sweet

     My post today is both happy and sad.   These are shadow boxes I made for our neighbors for the last decade who have watched out for us and our house and plowed our driveway every winter.  They have been great neighbors and friends.  The horses are their family horses and I've taken pics over the years and thought they might like them to display.  I used papers from the new Dakota papers and Victory.  I think they work really well together.  I think shadow boxes are my favorite things to make because they don't take long and they make a big impact.  I love being able to be dimensional too without having to worry about everything fitting in a scrapbook and being squished.
     The sad part of my post is that this is a goodbye of sorts to our neighbors and to my friends and customers.  Some of you know and some may not that my husband and I are moving out west.  We have family out there and love the weather.  Yes, we know it's hot and even though it's a dry heat 115 degrees is HOT!  But, as my husband says, you don't have to shovel sunshine!
    Thank you to everyone for everything and we hope to have lots of visitors after we move.  I will be back to visit (Pat says not so much)...lol.  At the end of this month, we're heading out.  For those of you who would like to continue to shop with me, I will still be with Close To My Heart and try to build my business out there and you can shop from my website or contact me and I can order for you.  My contact info will be the same.  If you prefer to do business locally and/or want to have a workshop or gathering, please let me know and I have a couple really great and talented ladies I can refer you to.


Susan Fogle said...

Beautiful as usual. While I wish you weren't leaving (and especially not so soon), I can't wait to come visit. If I stay for the entire Buffalo winter, would that be too long?

Casandra Bennett said...

Your artwork is so pretty. I wish you all the best on making a new home and life elsewhere. I love this saying: "Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart." It really fits with our CTMH philosophy. God bless and safe travels.