Thursday, October 29, 2015

Countdown to Halloween

I used to really celebrate Halloween... costume, painted face, decorations and all... but since the kids have grown I think I've become Halloween'd out... I still love it... but I just don't seem to have the energy to get all my stuff out and really have fun with the day.  I do love the colors and the costumes and when I can be home I certainly love to hand out candy to all the cute little creatures and princesses. 
I was in the mood last weekend to make some Halloween projects and found these little kraft witch hat ornaments at Hobby Lobby.  I bought four and decided I'd make Halloween ornaments with two and ... well... you'll see what I do with the rest :)

On our plane ride mom and I crocheted flowers for my projects to stay busy... this is one she made with some clearance Halloween colored crochet thread.. you should be seeing them pop up on some future projects AND a special project that is in the planning stages right now... more on that at a later date also.... I just LOVE these hats... somehow they made it all the way from the other side of the country without getting!

While visiting Ryan in Maryland we stopped at a Michael's and bought some more clearance items... just what we needed.. more stuff to take home in our but we stuffed it all in.  The ribbon and sequins are Paper Sweeties and the black web overlay background is from Artbooking; button is Stampin Up and all the rest is Michael's clearance items... LOVE the gold web doilies I found!!
Thanks for stopping and have a Happy Halloween (if that's your kind of thing)...

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Sue said...

I love those hats, and I'm not so sure one is going back East. The chrocheted small flowers are ADORABLE. You card is also very pretty and love the orange and gold against the black.